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Sandy Vess (Rogers)
March 03, 1950 Decorator Married 2
How can 40 years go so fast?
I am really looking forward to the reunion.  All is well with me, and for that I give thanks.
We are leaving today for a 2 week mediterranean cruise for our 35th anniversary.
I retired from Delta in 2001, and started a Decorating business.
If 50 is the new 40; surely the 40th reunion is the new 25th!!
Thank you committee, for making this possible.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

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Susan Salyer (Wilson)
February 18, 1950 gifted education Married 1

     I have been married for 33 years to Jim (wow! Married longer than I was single!!-I'm not that old!)  and we have a daughter Stephanie. Believe it or not, we live in the house I grew up in. Long story, but long and short of it is we moved in 15 years ago with my mom, who was having some health issues at the time (I'm an only child)and the location was great for husband's job. We gutted the house and added on to accommodate what was then three generations. We are still here and my mom is going to be 91 the week before our reunion! Then, we thought we were moving to an "old people's neighborhood". Now, we live in a cool intown subdivision! My how things change!  I feel safe in saying we have all had our highs and lows through the years. But, hopefully, we all have great memories of BHS and retelling the stories will be loads of fun.
     I look forward to seeing everyone and I KNOW how much work the committee has done and it is really appreciated. See everyone soon.
As for a photo-you have got to be kidding. It's bad enough in person!

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Linda Saye (Karr)
October 25, 1950 Health Care Consultant Married 3
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Veronica Schunck (Carey)
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February 10, 1950 Retired attorney Married
I'm so glad Tricia located me, through my sister-in-law, Phyllis Berkelman, who married my oldest brother Dave about 30 years ago.  (They have 2 grown kids and 4 grandchildren).
No children to bless my life, but many many other blessings, including a wonderful husband and the world's happiest standard poodle, Buckley, named after William F. Buckley because he is cute, smart and very white!  (To say nothing of being a Catholic, republican dog).
I digress--it is wonderful reading everyone's posts and I look forward to seeing old faces on August 30th.  (Did I say "old"?  Oops!) Thank you very very much to the organizers!
p.s. to those of you who remember how much I loved to sew, I am finally  doing what I wanted to do since I was 14.  Since retiring from lawyering last year, I am a volunteer for 2 historic museum houses doing historically accurate sewing for the period 1850 to 1860. Thank god for the internet as a research tool!
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Amy Shulman (Haney)
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March 22, 1950 Attorney Married 2
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Mary Shults
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October 10, 1950 psychotherapist Single
Well for the exwriter of the Briarpatch I have  little interesting & no enticing things to report at least about me. I never have been news worthy BUT thank goodness ya'll were and are still! My sister Martha(3yrs behind us) lives in Nashville Tn anyway we were talking on the phone both of us at our computer screens, one in Tn and the other in SC, laughing and fondly remembering folks in the class of '68. It was great recalling people and events the Website is wonderful. I so enjoyed reading your entries.  Next day I pick-up the phone and it's Susan SalyerWilson unrelentingly guilting me regarding the reunion.  She claims she found me by "googling" I didn't know I was on Google.Rick Corless emaied & kiddingly said he'd pull my hair or twist my arm. He was being sweet Salyer has tough hahaha.I live in Greenville SC and have since '75. I am a individual and couples therapist. Regretfully,I have no plans of retiring anytime soon.I never married, no kids. I do have a fabulous dog Brendle. Life is Good. I have a little cabin in Little Switzerland NC that is very relaxing w/ a nice view of Mt Mitchell actually Bobby Jones helped me moved in maybe 7yrs ago. I miss Bobby he was a good and generous person. I think Randy Campbell needs to round up the other Mr Briarcliff contestants and have another opportunity although what was Randy's talent if it had only been a charm contest... also those pictures Mike Chase posted did ya'll drink beer then??? I bet you picked them up off the side of the road and stacked them...I don't know. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Lynda Green (Sikes)
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January 27, 1950 teacher/Homemaker Married 4
After high school I attended Auburn University where I met my husband Jimmy Sikes of Memphis, and we have been together for 46 yrs. We then moved to Memphis for him to attend Medical School at UT, and for me to become a teacher. He became a specialist in Internal Medicine and practiced medicine here in Memphis for 36 years. Meanwhile, while he worked 24/7, we managed to raise 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Brad is 42 in Charlotte,N.C., Courtney is 38 in London UK, Natalie is 36 in Memphis, and Taylor is 32 in Nashville. Courtney has blessed us with 2 grandchildren.  Since retirement, we are beginning to travel more. Thank you to all who have worked on this site. 

A J Silva
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July 28, 1949 Business Owner Single Again 1
I am still living in the same neighborhood as I was when in high school.  After high school I attended Dekalb College and graduated from Georgia State University in 1972.  I have the dubious honor of being one of the last draftees and served in the Army for three long years.  Currently I operate a business in the Oak Grove area, off LaVista Road, and have a 25 year old daughter who attended Kitredge Magnet School and also lives in the area.  I enjoy traveling and have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. by motor home.  Cars are my main hobby and going to car shows is a favorite pastime.  I am looking forward to attending the reunion and catching up on what others have been doing the last 40 years. Send A J a MessageSend A J a Message
Terry Simmons
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March 17, 1950 Fisher & Simmons Architects, Inc Married 2
Ann (Laney BHS '70) and I are still living the dream in Jacksonville Beach, enjoying long walks on the beach, the dog, and not thinking things through.  The time at Briarcliff was the best, our last years of innocence.  Or maybe I was naive back then.  It seems like it was only fifty years ago. Send Terry a MessageSend Terry a Message
Arthur Skinner
September 25, 1950 professor Married 2
greetings from sunny st. petersburg, where the chant is "let's go rays!" thanks for the tremendous efforts by so many to put this site and the reunion together. i regret however that i cannot attend. when i graduated from BHS i went to a small liberal arts college named florida presbyterian (along with bill doom and john forrest), and i never really left. the name was changed to eckerd college in 1972 but the school is the same. following a stint in grad school at GSU i joined the faculty here and have been teaching and administering in visual and creative arts for going on 33 yrs.. twice wed, the second marriage still in progress after 27 yrs, with 2 teen sons. the eldest just entered college as a freshman at (of all places) eckerd college. march we ever onward... Send Arthur a MessageSend Arthur a Message
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