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Karen Johnson (Nix)
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October 12, 1950 Retired Speech Language Pathologist Married 3
The highlight of this year is the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary.We have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren who are the love of our lives. 
Alan still owns a packaging company and I am Working with him in the business. We both enjoy traveling, working and spending time with family and friends.I like to read, exercise, paint and draw.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
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Ben Jones
March 31, 1950 commercial real estate Married 2
I retired about 18 months ago, but after  7 months my wife decided we were getting to know one another too well.  So I work a few days a week and play golf the others.  I can't wait to see everyone, and I often reflect on how lucky we all are to have grown up when and where we did.  What a great group of people!  Thanks SO much to the committee for putting this together.  Let me know if I can help. Send Ben a MessageSend Ben a Message
David Kasriel
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April 20, 1950 Retired from US Dept. of HHS Married 2

Cathy and I have both been retired from the Federal Government about two years and married 28 years.  We love our retired life and stay busy with various volunteer activities, running, hiking, biking, and travel.  We live near Lakeside HS where both of our boys graduated.  I’m sorry that we will be out of town the week of the reunion.

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Mike Lane
February 20, 1950 Retired Married 2
Hi there,
Most of you will remember that I was not at school a whole lot, but I did have a good time. After the army I settled down and finished college and law school. I had a great career in banking and was fortunate enough to retire at 50 years old. We love to travel and we spend alot of time at our second home on the beach in Panama City.

I'm sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion. I will be out of town, or you could say I'm still skipping school at age 58.

Have a good time everyone!

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Ann Lombardi
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September 06, 1950 travel consultant/tour guide Single
Hi everyone!

     What fun catching up with the news on this site & re-living the good ole times at BHS. Really enjoyed seeing lots of you at the pool party this past Friday night. I think I was the only female there in shorts. [lucky for y'all I forgot my bathing suit at home]  Wish I could've made the Saturday night party, but know you all had a blast.

     In case we don't get a chance to meet in person soon & you're curious about what's been going on with Lombardi, here's a quick [well, it's not that quick] summary of my colorful life since the '60's & '70's:

---Got a Master's in Teaching English as a 2nd Language/Linguistics & went on to teach in Switzerland, Korea, Germany, & the USA.

---After teacher burn-out, ventured into the business world as an international vacation travel agent & tour guide. For several years, subbed as-needed for Clark Howard on his "Friday Flyer" AM 750 WSB radio show until his national syndication. My secret [until now] dream is to one day host a national travel talk radio show, a sort of NPR-ish one. That'd be a huge step up from the one I currently do on 1620 AM, Radio Sandy Springs.
__In the early '90's, started a 2.5 [the .5 is my co-worker's EMT/firefighter hubby] person leisure travel agency. We're called The Trip Chicks of Passport to Adventure Inc. & we specialize in small group, mostly international trips, along with regular tours, active/fitness adventure vacations, & cruises. I love researching & planning world-wide vacations for people of all ages. It's been a wild ride in an often turbulent industry, but no matter what, travel will always be my passion. 

__Been blessed to have traveled to 60+ countries over the years.  Europe is still my favorite stomping grounds & actually would love to live there in my older age. Foreign languages are another big interest of mine.

__Middle-aged fitness-wise, since 1996 I've managed to finish 23 marathons & a few triathlons, all standing up & smiling. I admit I tied for last place in two marathons, one in Iceland [70 competitors] & one in Berlin, Germany [15,000 runners, most very serious athletes indeed.] I really like the kind with so few females in our age group that there's a big chance I might even get some sort of an award in the 55+ age category, despite my bottom-tier finish. Most of the time, I've been way too busy picking up coins en route anyway. The "Muddy Buddy" is another sporting event favorite of mine with the running, cycling, obstacle course, & mud pit. Recently have taken up Chinese Dragon Boat Racing just for fun. I heard it's supposed to tone upper arm flab.  Will let you know if it works..Agree strongly with Satchel Paige who said, "Just keep moving & keep the juices flowing."   

___In my "almost claim to fame," was shocked to make the semi-finals in casting for the CBS reality tv show "The Amazing Race" with an equally nuts female friend of mine [71 year old daredevil originally from Bermuda.]  That show & the news are about the only things I watch regularly on television.  Need to broaden my viewing horizons, I'd say. 

___ Am now writing our first travel book with my business colleague & still hoping to marry [into money? :-) ] before I hit 65.  Bill Bell, keep up the work as my guy scout, o.k.?  I really appreciate it & need the help!

     Well, that should do it for now. Hope I didn't bore you...If you made it to the end here, patience is definitely one of your many virtues. Take care, stay healthy, be happy, keep in touch, & thanks for the memories.     

Ann Lombardi  

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Bill Long
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August 17, 1950 Computer Analyst Married 2
I am happily married to Melanie Mulkey Long who graduated from BHS in 1976.  Of course, we didn't know each other when I attended Briarcliff.  I have lived in the metro Atlanta all my life.  Currently I work for Intuit (the TurboTax/Quicken company) doing software performance testing in the Peachtree Corners part of Norcross.  Melanie also works in the computer field for Macy's Systems and Technologies in Duluth.

We live in a subdivision near Northlake Mall and take care of our pet Beagles who are spoiled rotten.  We enjoy traveling, boating at Lake Lanier, taking in sporting events and plays/concerts. 

I have reluctantly put the guitar down for now.  Some of you might remember my music playing days.  I've been too busy making a living right now.

Love to hear from you guys -- before we grow too old to remember one another.
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Tim Lucas
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March 12, 1950 Financial Advisor Married 2
Can't be 40 Years!!  I wasn't there to graduate but I have very fond memories of my two years at Briarcliff.  I love to reflect on the friendships and relationships from that time in my life.  Life is good.  Wishing everyone the best.  Would love to hear from you. Send Tim a MessageSend Tim a Message
Tim Lucas
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March 12, 1950 Long Term Care Insurance Married 2
Miss the fun and the people of Briarcliff Send Tim  a MessageSend Tim a Message
Kathy Skinner (Malek)
May 04, 1950 Director of Human Resources Married 1
How great to hear about you all!  Even though I left Briarcliff at the end of my Sophomore year, I still consider it as "my high school".  And who could forget WD Thompson and the "red bench"!  After moving to Charlotte for my last 2 years of high school and to Florida for college, I immediately moved back to Atlanta and have been here ever since (except for a 2 year stay in Iran).  

My husband and I have been married for 31 years and have a wonderful daughter who is currently earning her PhD at UCLA.  I spent almost 20 years in Accounting but 15 years ago earned a degree at GSU in Human Resources and never looked back.
Thanks to the committee for putting together such an amazing website and fun weekend.  Unfortunately, I will be in L.A. at the time of the reunion so I won't be able to attend, but certainly I'll be there in spirit.

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Sheila Landau (Margolis)
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November 19, 1950 author/speaker/consultant Married 2
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