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Wanda Chism (Johnston)
August 10, 1950 flight attendant Married 2
Today is my birthday and I decided to look at the reunion website.  What a treat to read everyone's info.  The committee has done a wonderful job.  I am still flying the friendly skies(!) 36 yrs later. I have been married for 35 years and I have a daughter 28 living the good life in Delray, Fla. and a son 23 who is living the good life at my home. (When do they leave?)  We have a place in Oxford, Ms. where I went to school ( Ole Miss) and where we are going to retire. Yes most people retire to the beach or the mountains but we will become Ole Miss Rebels for life.  Wish we could be at the reunion but we will be in Oxford for the opening football game.  Hope to hear about the reunion and see pictures. Send Wanda a MessageSend Wanda a Message
Rick Corless
Profile picture
Profile picture
Advertising Married 2
How fortunate we all are! 

I want you to meet my wife Kathy.  She's the center of my universe.  You can grow up with her in my photo album. First generation American, born to Swedish and Danish parents. Her father's family traces to Bjorni kjerulson, Captain for Leif Erickson (pretty cool).

My sons are Rick (Trip 27) and Andrew (Drew 24 ).  They call me dad, pops, popsicle and other things. Andrew will be at the golf outing, and Trip will be our photographer Saturday night.

We have been in the same home in Alpharetta for 20 years. Life has been good to us!

We were the 4 R's, Ricky, Robby, Rebby and Randi back in the school yard. Robby and Randi are in California with my folks, and Rebby is in Duluth.

My folks, Richard and Joan live on the first fairway of Yorba Linda Country Club in California. Their back yard is in the perfect spot for a long hitting slicer with a new ball off the first tee ( ask Strueber what this means). 

I am excited to nurture the roots!
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Cathy I. Davis
January 24, 1950 E-commerce, Webmaster, Dental Hygienist Divorced
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David Dyer
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Profile picture
retired Married 2

It's hard to believe that it's been 40 years since those care free high school days.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone--we've got alot of catching up to do!  Bonnie, you and your committee have done a supurb job on this web site.  Thank you. 

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Rosie Dziewinski (Meyers)
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April 26, 1950 real estate sales Committed Relationship
CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE! Send Rosie a MessageSend Rosie a Message
Bruce Edwards
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August 11, 1950 Youth Ministry Specialist, Tennessee Baptist Convention Married
WOW....are we that old? Has it been 40 years since we marched across that football field and graduated! For many years (and I still do), I have worked with high school students and guess what...they still do the same stupid, dumb stuff that we did!!!! Since graduation my journey has led me from Georgia to Dallas, Texas, and now to Nashville, TN. where I have been since 1991. Send Bruce a MessageSend Bruce a Message
Lynn Farmer
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April 01, 1950 President-Owner-Inventor-THE GO PLATE Married 2

Georgia State University, BBA, Real Estate 1974 .... this is where a met my wife (Barbara) of 35 years.  We have 2 children HOPE (34) teacher at Sugur Hill Elem, Gwinnett County and Tate (27) formerly in golf business, now works with THE GO PLATE.  GRAND KIDS .. Hope has twin, 3 year old, girls and Tate has a 6 month old daugher.

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Gay Fleming (Bosland)
January 08, 1950 High School Teacher Married 2

The Committee has done a great job, and I know we all appreciate it.  It has been such fun reading about all of you, and the e-mails from  "friends from the past " have been great!  Ken and I have been married 37 years, but Ashley is only 21 and Chris, 18.  Consequently, I will miss the Friday night pool party as Chris starts in his football senior season opener that night.  I hope to make it Saturday.  Thanks, again, Ricky (sorry, now Rick) and Committee!    

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Pat Fox
Lawyer Married 2
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Shelly Frankel (Forer)
December 16, 1950 Bubbie Married 2
After 34 years my husband Joe and I are still happily married and living in Miami.  Our children have settled here and  we are the proud ,loving, grandparents of  beautiful 17 month old Emrie Belle.
We are joyously lucky!
Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.  Hopefully we will recognize each other without having to look (squint) at our name tags!!
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