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Julia Boyd (Peterson)
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December 12, 1950 retired CPA Married 2

I live in South Georgia with my husband of 33 years.  One daughter lives in Colorado with her husband and baby girl.  One daughter lives in Athens.  Go Dawgs!  I look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

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Beth Bridgers (Hayslett)
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October 12, 1950 Home Maker Married 2
I have been married to Richard Hayslett for 45 years.  We have two daughters and 3 grandchildren!  We have lived in Matthews, NC for 40 years but still support our UGA Bulldogs!  I have been mostly a stay at home Mom but worked for Richard's company for 15 years before retiring in 2014.  Richard and I love spoiling our grandkids and are trying to get a lot of traveling in now that he has retired!  Can't wait to see everyone! Send Beth a MessageSend Beth a Message
Lou Buckner
October 18, 1949 Married 2
Randy Campbell
June 18, 1950 President, Cole Technology,Inc. Divorced 3
     It seems, just a short while ago, my parents were going to their 40th high school reunion.  Pretty scary, when you turn into your parents, isn't it?
     Anyway I've been lucky in business, in marriage not so much, but their mother and I have three good kids to show for our efforts.  Our oldest, Chelsea, starts the Univ. of South Carolina in August.  Our other two, Carly and Cooper  are doing well at Chattahoochee High here in North Fulton, where we've lived for the past seven years.  Before that we lived in Los Angeles  for about the same length of time.
     Thanks so much to Patricia, Bonnie, Rick and everybody else who helped put this reunion together.  OUTSTANDING JOB!  I'm  really looking forward to seeing you all there.  Randy C

P.S.  Do you think it's too late to ask for a recount  on the Mr. Briarcliff Results?
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Libby Carlson (Kent)
March 23, 1950 Medical Collections Married 1
I have been happily married to Ronnie Kent a former Baron for 33 years.  We live in Alpharetta and love it.  We have one son and a grandson who is now 11.
We have been blessed.
See ya'll Friday night at the reunion.
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Cheryl Cartledge (Cruickshank)
Married 2
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Rich Causey
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September 10, 1950 Tennis Professional Single
Wow! Has it really been 40 years since someone (who I'll keep temporarily nameless) took over the PA system during home room with an awesome audio ditty on "sugar bear Jaines"(our not so fearless principal)!
 I hope everyone out there is thriving as we all approach 60!!!! Well at least I think it actually does beat the alternative! I'm alive and quite well out here in my piece of heaven (southern California), although I do get back into Atlanta to check on my frail mom as much as I can.
I'll do my best to make back in to the ATL for the reuinion if at all possible. I'd love to see you guys, and reconnect after all these years! 
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Andy Chambers
June 03, 1950 Electrical Contractor, Real Estate Investor Married 2

My wife has graciously tolerated me for 35 years. We met when I was tending bar in Underground Atlanta while in college. We have two kids, Alison, 31 who started her on theater company in Peachtree City three years ago (last year it was voted "Best Theater in Atlanta" in FOX5's voting). She also teaches voice lessons and acting lessons. Our son, Kipp, moved to Los Angeles to act about 7 years ago. He was in The Patriot, Spiderman, The Gift, and had a feature role in "America's Most Wanted". We were SO proud. He finally got fed up with LA traffic, costs, etc. and moved to Denver where he works for one of the dot com companies that is actually making money. Neither is married.... possibly because I told both in their early teens that I was planning to play the accordion and sing at their weddings. I am still working every day, but plan to quit (or, at least, seriously cut back) when I finish a couple of projects that I have made commitments on. Probably two more years. We have recently pourchased a house near Cashiers, NC where we plan to spend at least six months per year.

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Mike Chase
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October 02, 1950 CPA Married 3
I married my high school sweetheart about 4 years ago -- Elise King (Class of 1970).  In between I have 3 grown children -- Jamie (36), Paul (30), and Susan (28) and 4 grand children.  We live pretty near the 'old stomping grounds' and look forward to seeing everyone! Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Wanda Chism (Johnston)
August 10, 1950 flight attendant Married 2
Today is my birthday and I decided to look at the reunion website.  What a treat to read everyone's info.  The committee has done a wonderful job.  I am still flying the friendly skies(!) 36 yrs later. I have been married for 35 years and I have a daughter 28 living the good life in Delray, Fla. and a son 23 who is living the good life at my home. (When do they leave?)  We have a place in Oxford, Ms. where I went to school ( Ole Miss) and where we are going to retire. Yes most people retire to the beach or the mountains but we will become Ole Miss Rebels for life.  Wish we could be at the reunion but we will be in Oxford for the opening football game.  Hope to hear about the reunion and see pictures. Send Wanda a MessageSend Wanda a Message
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