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Pat Meyer (Hubbard)
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July 12, 1950 Attorney Married
Hard to believe it has been almost 50 years.  Have thought about my BHS classmates often. Have been fortunate to stay in touch with some.

Have lived in SC for many years. Our parents moved to a golf community in Sarasota when they retired. My sister now lives in Birmingham. It feels a bit strange having no family left in Atlanta because I will always think of it as my home town.

While at BHS I gained just enough writing skills sending notes to classmates (and a few advocacy skills because they were often intercepted) to make it through law school.  Have worked as a public sector attorney for the past 20 years. When we are not at our day jobs my spouse and I work as reserve deputues for a local law enforcement agency. Steve is a training instructor. I  finally channeled my lifelong love of horses into something useful by serving in the mounted patrol unit. 

We married late in life so had no children-but we've more than made up for it by adopting several horses and hounds. Most are retired police horses or rescues in training to become police horses. We have two beloved hounds.

Many thanks to those who made this website possible. Stumbled across it about the time I turned 65. It is awesome to see that most of us are still young at heart and living life to the fullest. Best wishes to everybody!

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Mike Allison
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November 02, 1949 Gen. Mgr. of Pump Components,Inc. Married
Married high school sweetheart, Jan Greer (BHS class of "69) 35 years ago.
We've been in Savannah for a long time now and really love living on the coast.
Love to travel to far away and interesting places.
My work keeps me challenged and intrigued.
Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion.
Many thanks to the Reunion Commitee. What a great job!!!
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Gary Appelson
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May 17, 1950 Marine conservation Married 1
Thanks to ya'll for tracking me down after sooo many years. I left Atlanta after HS and return for occassional family visits. After college I lived in Athens, Ga for 20 great years as a carpenter and old home renovator. I have lived in Gainesville, Florida for the last 20 years, happily married and enjoying the sunshine state. I have a wonderful 14 year old daughter that keeps me much younger than I look.  A little over a decade ago I changed careers and now work for the oldest marine turtle research and conservation organization in the world, based in Gainesville. Go figure, there are no marine turtles in the middle of the state.
 Hoping to make the Reunion and say hello.
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Lynne Barfield (Waller)
May 30, 1950 retired Married 2
We all owe Ricky Corless a debt of gratitude for this labor of love (the website!).This is a great tool to effectively get in touch with our fellow classmates.  Do your part....pick up the phone or go to your computer and make contact with a classmate.  Share this site with them so we can get this party started!!
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Bill Bell
May 02, 1950 Greenhouse Contractor Married 1
Janet Martens (BHS '67) and I married in 1972 and have lived in Peachtree Corners since 1978.  We enjoy traveling, flying, boating, and are active in our church.   Our son, Billy, is a pilot in China and we are proud grandparents of a 4 month old. My parents are still in Sagamore Hills where they have lived for 54 years.   We are hoping to be in town for the reunion.  Best wishes to all and thanks to the reunion organizers!!!!! Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Linda Bell
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Financial Analyst, USAID/Bangladesh Committed Relationship

It took living in Bangladesh to hear about the reunion!  Okay, 40 years in a paragraph.  After living in D. C., working for cultural funding agencies and the Smithsonian, I retired early in '01. For fun I've been golfing, diving, and I was a reader and officer of the board of Recording Services for the Visually Impaired.  

Now I'm enjoying a second career in the foreign service with a wonderful partner who also works in USAID.  I have been in Dhaka this past year and am packing out this very weekend to move to Cambodia for our next post, where we hope to spend the next 2 years at least.   Those of you who took math with me would be astonished to know that I have been in financial management the past few years and, yes, I have actually needed that algebra that I didn't learn.

A little far to commute to the reunion but I bet it will be fun.  So please everybody, post your stuff so we can catch up vicariously at least.  I'm here and on Facebook too. 

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Rachel Benator
July 23, 1950 Ophthalmologist/Eye Surgeon Married 2
I worked as a Music Therapist in Atlanta and then in Dallas after graduating from U.Ga.  I have been living in Salt Lake City for the past 25 years.  I'm a practicing Ophthalmologist, doing cataract surgery, LASIK and all the other usual stuff.  My husband is my practice manager.  My son graduated from Emory Law School and is currently practicing law in Atlanta.  My parents still live in the same house in Atlanta that I grew up in.  My daughter, who is 27, starts medical school this fall.
I love living in Utah.  The skiing is amazing and the red rock country of southern Utah is like exploring another planet.  There is spectacular hiking and snow shoeing just outside my front door.  Come by for a visit!!
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Sondra Berse
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August 24, 1949 Therapist-Licensed Real Estate Consultant Committed Relationship

It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since we graduated. Everyone has retired and I'm just getting started....always the late bloomer. I love this guys have done a wonderful job. I hope to stop by the pool party on my way out of town.

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Bonnie Bowen (Buckner)
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June 20, 1950 Sr. Executive Assistant Divorced 3
WOW........40 years have gone by which seems impossible!  

Several people have been bugging me to update my info with what I have been doing for the last 40 years!  So here we go!  After high school I attended Valdosta State College.  Married and lived in Severna Park, MD for 7 years, got divorced and moved back to Atlanta in 1977 and been here ever.  Married an ex-BHS student, Ronnie Dorsey (Class of '67) and divorced in 1995.  I have 3 children..... my son, Corbin (37) lives with his family in Jacksonville, FL and is in law enforcement.  I have 2 daughters, Chrissie (33) and Brooke (21).  Chrissie and her husband live in Columbia, Maryland and Brooke is in Atlanta.  I have a granddaughter (9) and grandson (6)....both live in Jacksonville and I see them as much as possible!  I love to dance and do alot of line dancing and country-western couple dancing.  Life is good!!! 

I am looking forward to our reunion and seeing everyone again!!
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Julia Boyd (Peterson)
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December 12, 1950 retired CPA Married 2

I live in South Georgia with my husband of 33 years.  One daughter lives in Colorado with her husband and baby girl.  One daughter lives in Athens.  Go Dawgs!  I look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

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